Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Trump Administration and the Far Right


The Trump Administration and the Far Right - how did such a dissolute, corrupt, immoral pervert become the poster child for right-wing morality? 

They created him in their own image.

Coronavirus and the radical right: conspiracy, disinformation, and xenophobia
How is the radical right using the COVID-19 pandemic to advance their political agenda?

Opinion piece by Fintain O'Toole in the Irish Times: The world has loved, hated and envied the U.S. - now, for the first time, we pity it

Trump is harnessing the Qanon conspiracists delude his own voter base, not caring how much delusion, division and disorientation he causes, purely for his own narcissistic aims. People most susceptible are those who have previously accepted delusion and deception in the form of religious fundamentalism, new age delusions, or cults.

The Doomsday Cult of Trump

"I don't need your Science, I got my God." 

- Army vehicles loaded with AK47-wielding bandana-masked militia. Recruitment and indoctrination via social media and Youtube "documentaries". 

- An insistence that "mainstream media" is a bunch of lies, oh but *their* deliberately manipulative propaganda is "woke" and "the truth". 

- Appealing to the hard right and to toxic (rather than healthy) masculinity, through strongly patriarchal and misogynistic dogma. 

- Exploiting a public health contagion crisis to sow division and distrust in government, by co-opting people's natural anxiety and frustration in such times. 

What am I talking about? Islamist extremists during Ebola? Think again.

All my dear friends of conscience who care about bodily autonomy, the environment, health choice, etc and who deplore neo-liberalist, multi-national corporate corruption: please heed my warnings not to be seduced into bed with the American alt-right, far-right religious fundamentalist patriarchy. Please don't believe their "culture war" propaganda. These are NOT the guys to save you from authoritarianism, far from it.

Look at the innocence of the Herald Sun, reporting on the Dorr brothers. They think they are "right-wing gun activists"! No they're not, they're con artists! They're simply manipulating heightened political rhetoric and social divide to make a buck and scam people, in the time-honoured All-American way.

Yet the Herald Sun reports as if they are quite sincere, merely exercising the courage of their convictions - if a little misguidedly.

Even *actual* fundamentalists are mad at these guys for whipping up the masses and taking their dosh.

Exposing the Dorr Brother Scams

Masks Off: How the Brothers Who Fueled the Reopen Protests Built a Volatile Far-Right Network

"The Dorr brothers grew up in a family of 11 children in the small northwestern Iowa town of Ocheyedan. The town belongs to the district that elected notorious racist Rep. Steve King, and the brothers were immersed in conservative politics from an early age. In the 1990s, their father Paul ran an anti-abortion group ..."

"Paul Dorr’s activism shifted with the times. As the year 2000 approached, he became a Y2K prepper ..."

“The Dorrs are really important because they have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the conservative grassroots,” said Devin Burghart, president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, which tracks right-wing extremists. “The hope among conservatives now is that they can somehow shape that into a mobilizing force.”

The Reliant

Here is a Netflix film that inadvertently tells you a lot about the kind of society conservative America yearns for. Dystopian. Patriarchal. Gun-loving. Christian. If you want to understand how religion, guns, toxic masculinity, conspiracy theories and anarchy all become one unholy tangle in the "Bible Belt", this is like a propaganda piece one step before The Handmaids Tale. As a genuine Christian, this horrified me. It's supposed to be a "faith-based" film!

And anarchy is good coz that's how to get rid of all the BAD Liberals and paler-people. If you want to understand what's going on in their heads, watch it. Take a couple of Panadol, and watch it. See what I mean!!??

Netflixable? Survivalism’s last stand hinges on “The Reliant”


And men used to power, groomed to feel entitled to 

female obedience, don't much like it.

Is the Alt-right really into patriarchy? Or did I just make that up? 

Read this:

A Male-Hosted Conference Will Teach Women How to Achieve True Femininity in 2020
Some people do not really believe that patriarchy is being promoted widely throughout American culture and in alt-right internet spaces.

I cannot fathom why the MAGA crew would consider guys like Michael Caputo and Roger Stone would be leading them anywhere good. Since when do you get your cues on how to be patriotic from the Kremlin??

Health Official Out To Manipulate CDC Reports Has Deep Russian Ties

Michael Caputo's efforts to change CDC reports to make Trump look good could be even more complicated.
Caputo, a former top official of the Trump campaign who has no medical or scientific background, has claimed his actions are a defense against the imagined “deep state” out to get Trump. But reports of his CDC scheme have renewed fears about his history with Russia, which interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump 

When guys like Caputo tell you to stock up on guns and get ready to shoot your fellow citizens, what should you do?

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